Blue Storm



Deep Fear of Shallow Living


It's 2015, Charlene is thirty-four and trying to work out how to live a life which is completely true to her heart—yet still grounded—without losing herself in the process again. Adventure, lust and grief have already broken down her boundaries, but it is her overwhelming intuition and magical ancestral guidance which save her this time.

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I've always been very creative, and now I put my art on people's bodies. Tattooing is such an interesting job. Every 'canvas' is unique and every client means something to me. 

I have hundreds of female clients who open up to me, as they would a therapist, telling me their fears, fantasies, sorrows and regrets. When I share my story with them I instantly feel their bodies relaxing under the needle. They are comforted and reassured to hear that they are neither strange or alone in what they are thinking, feeling or going through. I tell them that there is much magic to be found when life gets dark.

I grew up in England, in the South East. London has a huge place in my heart, it excites and inspires me but I always knew I needed to be by the sea. I first visited Jersey (Channel Islands) in 2010. I came and left and came and left over and over again, unsure whether to drop anchor or not. I never really feel like just one place is home, but Jersey is where I found myself, and subsequently, where I found my soulmate.

Home is wherever the love is.




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