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I have almost finished a book (a memoir) titled: I Must be a Mermaid: Deep Fear of Shallow Living.  Throughout my late 20s and early 30s I unwittingly ended up on a quest to explore all my biggest fears and hidden desires. I discovered that often, within the 'dark' or ‘taboo’ parts of myself, was where magic and empowerment could be found. 

I will keep you posted on the progress of the book, and if anyone knows a Literary Agent who might be interested to see my manuscript…please send them my way! xxx




I've always been an artist and now I put my art on people's bodies. Tattooing is such an interesting job. Every 'canvas' is unique and every client means something to me. Everyday, I discover new things about being female, through this intimate connection to so many different women.

Over the last few years, two wonderful photographers (Renata Oliva and Sophie Darwin) asked me to do photoshoots for body positive projects, and I was utterly honoured. I'm proud of how far I've come since years of eating disorders and hiding who I really was.

I grew up in England, in the South East. London has a huge place in my heart, it excites and inspires me but I always knew I needed to be by the sea. I first visited Jersey (Channel Islands) in 2010. I came and left and came and left over and over again, unsure whether to drop anchor or not. I never really feel like just one place is home, but Jersey is where I found MYSELF, and subsequently, where I found my soulmate. Home is wherever the love is.

"There has always been a pining in my soul, a kind of beckoning, a distant song, a haunting chant, a continuous call…which only truly gets answered when I am by the sea".

  • — Charlene Hickey, I Must be a Mermaid.


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